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LB-37 Multi-catch Round Magpie Trap Cage

Product Detail:
1.Trap For : Pigeon,Magpie and some other birds
2.Multi-catch , each time can capture total 4 pest birds.
3.Middle appartment can put a bird decoy to attract birds enters.
This Multi Catch Magpie Trap / Round Magpie Cage Trap has four catching compartments around the edge of the trap and a call bird compartment in the central.
The side entry sliding trap doors are operated by a wire treadle that is situated inside each catching compartment of the cage trap.
When a magpie enters the trap, its first instinct is to hop onto the treadle, which then closes the door behind it.
The multi magpie trap is for magpies and pigeons, and must not be used for grey crows since it is too small to accomodate larger birds.
The trap comes ready assembled, and when used in the right place, it can be one of the most successful traps on the market.
The round shape and side entry doors mean that all catch compartments are easily accessible, and the decoy bird has its own extra large compartment.
Remember to check your trap at least twice a day and provide your call bird with food, water and a perch.  ( its the law !!)

Multi-catch Round Magpie Trap Cage

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